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We are thrilled to showcase an array of available roles along with the remarkable advantages that temporary jobs can bring to your professional journey. At KPI People, we understand that temporary positions are not just stopgaps but valuable stepping-stones towards your personal goals and even your dream career. Building strong relationships with a network of employers, we have created a platform that opens doors to remarkable opportunities, potentially leading to full-time employment and exciting prospects.

Temporary jobs offer a gateway to a world of possibilities. They allow you to explore the diversity work within the Automotive industry, gain valuable experience, and expand your skill set. Each assignment presents unique opportunities to learn and benefit from enhanced rates of pay that help you to grow both personally and professionally. By embracing temporary roles, you can enhance your CV and make yourself more marketable to future employers.

Temporary jobs offer a level of flexibility that can be advantageous for individuals seeking a work-life balance or exploring other commitments. Whether you're a student, a parent, or simply looking for more control over your schedule, temporary positions can accommodate your specific needs. They provide an opportunity to manage your professional and personal life effectively while still advancing your career.

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KPI People have proven to be an excellent partner in our recruitment efforts. Their ability to understand our requirements and identify candidates who align with our needs is commendable. One aspect that sets KPI People apart from other agencies is their commitment to customer service. From the initial stages of discussing our requirements to the follow-up after a successful placement, their team has consistently displayed professionalism, responsiveness, and genuine care. They have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure a smooth and streamlined communication, which is prompt and transparent, keeping us informed at every step along the way
Richard Hillier - Head of Business - Vindis Group
I highly recommend KPI People. Their professionalism, efficiency and dedication exceeded my expectations making my experience with them truly remarkable
Dan Spence - Aftersales Manager - Littlewick Green Motor Company
I have been working with KPI People for around 6 months now, KPI have been great with work and solving issues if we have any. Jack is a very helpful guy within KPI, he will go out of his way to help if needed. I would recommend KPI People to anyone out there looking for work
Manjit M - Technician